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        Shandong Dahe Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
        Product Center
        Shandong Dahe Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
        Project consultation: +86 18866771060
        Website: www.productionses.com
        Email: ella@dahe-cnc.com
        Address: Chenjiacun Industrial Park, Wangliu Street, Weifang Weicheng District

        Hot Line

        +86 18866771060

        Our Advantages


        Market Advantage and Broader Prospect

        • Committed to become a technology research, design, development, manufacturing, sales in one enterprise;
        • Professional R&amp;D team, with a large number of high-tech professionals;
        • Strong production base, exquisite manufacturing technology and innovative research and development ideas.

        Market Advantage, Quality Guaranteed

        • Our company sells products for the whole country and serves the public.
        • It lays a good foundation for national sales.

        Service Advantage, Quality Assurance

        • The company adheres to the principle of quality first and credit first.
        • Adhering to the sincere attitude of cooperation, win-win business philosophy.

        After-sales service, intimate and more assured

        • Design according to customer's requirement to meet customer's requirement.
        • To achieve door-to-door, installation, commissioning and other services in one;
        • Customer satisfaction is our biggest idea.

        About us

        Weifang Jiahe Science and Technology Headquarters is located in the headquarters of the International Kite Federation in Weifang, Weifang Weicheng District Beiguan Street Office Yang Jiaobu Village Industrial Park. The company mainly produces advertising industry equipment, including enclosure, CNC enclosure and CNC bending machine, which is well received by customers. The company registered in Weifang Industrial and Commercial Bureau on January 15, 2014, has registered capital of 30,000 RMB (RMB). It has been growing for three years. We always provide customers with the best products, good technical support and perfect customer service.
        Our company mainly engaged in production and sales: CNC machinery and accessories, advertising logo production (above does not include plating and casting range); sales: advertising materials; design, production, agency, publishing domestic advertising (excluding fixed form of print advertising)......

        Industry dynamics\Industry dynamicsMORE+

        Latest informationMORE+

        • Principle and Application of NC Circumscriber

          The so-called NC enclosure machine is an automatic advertising device that automatically bends and shapes the outline of metal light-emitting words through software control and program processing. NC enclosure machine is of great use. At present, the literal processing of metal light-emitting words is mainly accomplished by engraving machine or plasma cutting machine. With the rapid development of

        • How to Prevent Bolt Loosening of Type Bender

          The existence of bolts is an important link in the whole bending machine production process, but at the same time, the bolts are easily ignored, which is the details that the bending machine operators need to pay attention to. Today, Xiaobian lets you know how to prevent bolts from loosening in the bender.

        • The Method of Making Luminescent Characters by NC Circumference Machine

          White LED as a semiconductor light source, compared with the traditional lighting source, its power consumption is only about 20% of the latter. Its service life is as long as 100,000 hours, which is tens of times as long as that of ordinary lamps.

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